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Press Releases and other stories 

This page is currently under reconstruction but will show any press coverage or exhibition information by artist Alan Hogan. Some items may be related to other art from Alan's past work in Ireland.

Press : Finland

Etelä-Uusimaa newspaper, Finland - October 2013 

Länsi-Uusimaa newspaper, Finland - October 2013 

Västra Nyland Newspaper, Finland- October 2013 




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Written by Tiia Mustonen for Västra Nyland newspaper.

First published on Tuesday, 17 July, 2012. 



YLE Finnish TV News website









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Written by: Susan Fourtané for the Helsinki Times.

First published in the Helsinki Times on 27 August 2009.  



Written by Nora Rinne for Västra Nyland newspaper.

First published on Tuesday, 15 July, 2008. 


Other Press / Features

This painting entitled 'Zebra One' was featured by Alexandra Mecoli in one of her blog pages. Alexandra is a photographer and social media consultant in South Florida, USA.  To read her blog just click here.


This painting entitled 'Sydney Harbour' by Alan Hogan was featured by the art and poetry group 'Immagine Poesia' based in Turin, Italy. It accompanies the poem 'Bridges' by Aeronwy Thomas, founder of this poetry group and daughter of famous Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas

You can read the poem 'Bridges' on the page mentioned by clicking here 

And quality reproductions of this painting are available from Alan Hogan's print-site here and also from his page at Redbubble


 Aeronwy Thomas (1943-2009) Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)



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