Paintings  by Alan Hogan


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Prints and other products are available from various locations listed here. Simply click on the image links below

Check out this site run by Fine Art America and dedicated to the art of Alan Hogan. They provide high quality prints, framed or unframed. Also available are canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards and phone cases.

Check out this site run by Imagekind and dedicated to the art of Alan Hogan. They provide high quality prints, framed or unframed. They also provide stretched canvas prints. 

The video below shows a few samples of what Alan Hogan's prints are like in canvas print-form from Imagekind. 

And don't forget to enquire about the possibility of purchasing the original hand-painted works before deciding to buy a print. Sometimes the difference in price isn't so much. 

Make your enquiries via email to [email protected]

The latest addition to sites where Alan Hogan's artwork is available is Society6.

At Society6 you will find not only a selection of prints but also a selection of numerous other products. Products such as T-shirts, clocks, throw pillows, laptop covers and even shower curtains! It's worth a visit just to see how the artworks look in different forms.

Below is a video example of what Alan Hogan's artwork looks like transferred to a simple throw pillow. The artist recently posted a blog about one product ordered from Society6.

You can read all about the product's quality and see images of what it looks like on the artist's personal blog which is simply called Hogan's Blog

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Please Note  

As all prints and products are made and delivered by the companies listed above, therefore both The Art Garage or the artist Alan Hogan cannot be held responsible for any damaged goods or delays in delivery. Only original paintings purchased through the artist personally or the Artbreak website will be delivered from the artist via post or courier. All of the above are reputable companies, so your order will be dealt with in a professional manner.