Paintings  by Alan Hogan


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About the Artist

Alan Hogan

Alan Hogan was born in Dublin, Ireland. After finishing school in 1986 he worked for the Irish Government for two years. He then graduated from the College of Marketing & Design, Dublin in 1990. Alan has spent most of his life so far living in Dublin city and suburbs. He moved to Ashbourne in County Meath (just north of Dublin) in 2003. Hogan had been working in the print industry for a number of years until June 2007 when he decided to leave Ireland to live in Finland.

Nowadays Hogan finds the weather and way of life a lot different. Language is a bit of a challenge too, as he has to deal with both Finnish and Swedish-speaking Finns. But he finds that they are a very friendly people, which makes things a little easier for him. Hogan now lives in a small town called Karis, southwest of Finland's capital Helsinki. This is where he continues to paint and explore his art.

About the Art

Alan Hogan's view of Art is that it is something that should be enjoyed by all types of people, whether young, old, modern or traditional.

He says it is difficult to keep painting the same subjects, variety is very important to him. Unlike so many artists of the past and present, he wants to explore and discover more of what different people from different backgrounds view as good art. Of course Hogan has a lot of admiration for many of today's artists as well as the great artists of the past.

Hogan aims to develop a good relationship with people, whatever their background, by bringing to them a style of art that not only the artist but also the people can enjoy and understand. Hogan also says that the styles of painting he uses may change now and then, simply because society and people change.


Hogan says that most of the inspiration he gets for his paintings comes from two sources.

Firstly, it is good to keep up-to-date on what people want style-wise in their art. It is good to take inspiration from every aspect of art, from the ultra-modern to the old masters. Art can sometimes have a habit of rediscovery over new generations. It can reinvent itself using the same ingredients.

The same can be said for Hogan's second source of inspiration which is music. Music is just as important as anything else to him when painting, as it can create a mood and influence how he feels. Hogan reckons that music can sometimes make you want to leave a painting and go outside to enjoy the more important things like simply walking in the countryside or jumping in a lake.  

Luckily, Hogan can control the music he listens though. He finds that certain music can make him change direction in the manner he is painting a picture sometimes. For instance, the painting here on the right entitled "Finnish Cat" was meant to have a garden in the background. But while listening to a powerful piece of music, Hogan decided that the cat's eyes should be the main focal point and changed the background to a large area of red to contrast with the green eyes and hence draw the viewer's attention to his main focal point.